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John can, if you wish, send you signed copies of his books Into Thin Air, An Adventure on the Old Silk Road and An Englishman in Patagonia. Part of the proceeds go to the charity Practical Action, which helps people in the developing world to work themselves out of poverty and so become less dependent on others.

Jacket/Into Thin Air£16.95               Jacket/Silk 
Road£16.95                Jacket/Patagonia£16.95
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To order, click on a book.

You can pay by credit or debit card or with a UK cheque.
John can accept online payments in
24 currencies including pounds sterling, euros, and US, Canadian, Australian and Hong Kong dollars.
Click here for a list of currencies. Click here for conversion rates.

John dispatches most orders within 24 hours.
Items to UK addresses are sent by first class post, and to other destinations by airmail.

Please say if you’d like the book signed with a special dedication!

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